Sky Quilt

Steel/Mixed Media

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About This Installation

Sky Quilt is a celebration of the trees and rivers that bring Lansing together. The kinetic and aural elements of the work are rooted in the trees that shade and protect our communities. The reflective finish and dynamic form of the piece is inspired by the rivers that weave our city together.

Aircraft cable is interlocked to form a large suspended grid. This grid is suspended at a 45 degree slope, in mid-air, via four steel columns. Swinging freely from each section of the grid are aluminum leaves. These leaves are coated with a retro-reflective film and move with the wind, adding their own rustling noise to the surrounding soundscape as they move against one another. The retro reflectivity of the leaves activates this installation even at night. Any light sources directed at the leaves will be reflected back as a twinkling, iridescent glimmer. Viewers can shine their own lights at the leaves and be delighted as the reflection follows their movements and perspective. Any videos or photos taken with flash photography will produce an iconic and dynamic image.

Find On The Trail

Elm Park North
This large green space is part of a well-loved park frequented by the community. It is located in REO Town and features a playground nearby.
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About the Artist



, MI

Henry Moonrod (he/him/his) is a sculptor who humanizes the sublime, immense, and natural through abstract forms. Local to Lansing he has been working to create ambitious, kinetic public art that can bring his city to life. Each piece contains an interactive element, encouraging viewers to explore and see themselves within the piece. In his practice, Henry continues to innovate with new materials and techniques, working towards an oeuvre that considers the interdependence between the self and the natural world.




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