Running Rabbits

Acrylic on Wood

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About This Installation

This artwork showcases a rabbit in three different stages of running! Each will be cut from a piece of treated wood and then painted. The rabbits will be about three feet wide and will have vibrant, stylized colors painted with weather-safe acrylic. They’re one of my favorite things to paint, and I hope that their scurrying selves will motivate the runners who frequent the path!

Find On The Trail

Grassy Area between Kalamazoo St. & 496 1
This site can be found just south of the Kalamazoo St. Bridge in a grassy area near the trail, and features a wildflower garden nearby.
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About the Artist



, MI

Someone once stuck a camera in my face and asked me what my art was about. I was super not prepared, so I came up with a response on the spot. It was...not good. So, to prep me for the future and give you a little insight, here's a quick rundown.

My art sits at the intersection between cottage-core and the macabre. I create because it's fun, even though it can be frustrating at times. I love picking up new media and playing around with it to see what I can make. From pillows to coloring books to prints to huge paintings, I always find an outlet for that creativity. Somehow, even though I've changed a lot as a person, I've stuck with art throughout my life. I think of it as a way to reclaim a little bit of who I was before the reality of the world hit me smack dab in the face. And that's probably a good thing.




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