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In the
Mezzanine Gallery

2024 Ingham Student Art Exhibit

May 1
Apr 30, 2025

The Ingham Student Art Exhibit is a competition that is open to young people grades K-12 and students 18+ who participate in the Young Adult SE Program within the Ingham Intermediate School District service area. Each participating school may submit up to 20 entries of student artwork created during the 2022-2023 school year.

A qualified juror, Jane Reiter, will select up to 65 works of art to be professionally framed and exhibited. The selected artwork will be displayed for one year in Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center Student Gallery; the lobbies of the Michigan Education Leadership Group in Lansing, the Ingham Intermediate School District in Mason, and the Consumers Credit Union in Lansing.

During the month of April we will be hosting a full exhibition of all 65 works in the show. After that the works will travel to their off-site locations where they will reside from May 2024 to April 2025.

Off-Site Location Information:

Ingham Intermediate School District,

Michigan Education Leadership Group, Michigan Association of School Boards,

Consumers Credit Union,

In the
Outdoor Exhibit


May 27
Sep 2, 2024
In the
Mezzanine Gallery

Foreign Bodies

Jun 5
Jul 27, 2024

The human being is designed with both positive and negative attributes that play a role in personal development. Each of us manifests the consequences of the exchange between the two influences, both monstrosity and rationality. Interested in these aspects of human nature, I fabricate figures that characterize the human condition. I have developed a body of work whereby the physical manifests the psychoanalytical paradoxes present in the human consciousness. My aim is to construct figures that introduce a dialogue between these paradoxes and polarities.  

By constructing anonymous figures with ambiguous expressions, subjects who are burdened with a vague history and whose fleshy exteriors suggest uncertain intentions. My hope is to engage viewers in examining the relationship between themselves and the work. The shifted anatomy, the pose, the gaze, and the gesture all allude to human conflict. Familiar with guilt, habit, desire, and consequences the viewer is left to decipher the nature of the pieces. The figures' solemn emotional tension and fragilities mirror the observers' vulnerabilities present in their conscious and subconscious.

In the
Mezzanine Gallery

Resonant Earth

Jul 31
Sep 28, 2024

Resonant Earth is a show about the tangibility and mutability of sound. Each of the pieces in this
exhibition exist at the intersection of art and science, technology and craft. Featuring electroluminescent
pots, soil Synthesizers, micro-tombs suspended in sound, and audiovisual projection about the materials
that make us, Resonant Earth will change how viewers think about the sounds and signals that lie hidden
in plain sight.

What Are We Made Of? (WAMO)
What Are We Made Of? (WAMO) is a video installation depicting futuristic materials from a microscopic
perspective.WAMO poses a double question: On one hand, the experience asks us to examine man’s
reliance on materials for survival, what those materials currently consist of, and what they may look like in
the future. On the other hand, it asks us to reflect on the will of humankind as if it were a material. Will
humanity be brittle in our ways and remain unchanged until nature breaks us, or will we modify our
mentality and invest in a future where nature and man can mutually thrive?
1: Home plasma device to eradicate waste and household dirt.
2: AI-assisted crack detection and mitigation.
3: Fully recyclable polymers.
4: Reverse-corrosion coating for metals.
5: Injectable bandage that dissolves into the body after the wound is healed.

Oxylos and Oreios
Oxylos and Oreios is about two voices, the soil (Oxylos, Dryad of the forest) and the synthesizer (Oreios,
dryad of the mountain), they come together in this piece to produce an endlessly evolving melody.

Consonance is an installation that focuses on resonance. 3D printed ceramic vessels are suspended in
mid-air by a wire that functions as both antenna and power source. As visitors move through the
installation they modulate the electromagnetic waves being emitted from each wire. These changes are
picked up and converted into sound and light. Sound from the theremin synthesizer connected to each
wire and light from the electroluminescent graphite glaze that coats each vase. Yet one alone can never
experience the full effect of this piece, it is withdrawn to the viewer even as it is suspended in front of
them. Only through the movement of multiple people can one begin to appreciate the whole,
interconnected work.